What to Expect at an Eye Examination

Eye exams are about a lot more than updating your eyewear prescription. During a preventive eye exam, your doctor will check all aspects of your vision, including the structure of the eyes and how well they work together. Based on the findings of the exam, your eye doctor will recommend a solution that is right for your eye health and vision needs.

The good news is that eye exams don't hurt, and they typically take less than an hour to complete. The benefits, though, can last a lifetime.

Step 1 - Entering the Office

Upon entering the office, you will be asked to fill out paperwork about your vision benefits and health status. If you have an ID card for your vision plan, present it to the office staff. (If you don't have an ID card, that's okay, too; the staff can verify your participation for you.) You may be asked the following:

  • What medical coverage do you have?
  • Are you having any current or past eye problems?
  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
  • Do you have any health problems?
  • Are you on any medication?
  • What is your family history of eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma?
  • Do you have known risk factors for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other chronic conditions?

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