What You Need to Know About Cataracts

Cataracts occur when the natural lens inside the eye becomes discolored or cloudy, causing blurred or distorted vision. This blurring is the result of a chemical change within the eye, most often occurring after age 55. The direct cause of cataracts is not known, although heredity, injury and/or disease might be factors. Additional factors that may contribute to the development of cataracts include exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking and taking certain prescription drugs. Indications that cataracts may be forming include:

  • blurred/hazy vision
  • spots in front of the eyes
  • increased sensitivity to light and resulting glare
  • feeling of "film" over the eyes
  • a temporary improvement in near vision
  • decreased vision in low illumination (night driving)

Although there is currently no known method to keep cataracts from developing, your eye care specialist can diagnose and monitor cataracts, and also prescribe glasses or lenses that may improve vision. Ultimately, most cataracts should be surgically removed.

For more information, visit http://www.cataract.com/.


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