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Comprehensive Vision Care Plans

Each EyeMed plan is flexible and customizable to more closely fit each client’s needs. The type of plans available include:

  •   Fully Funded Exam, Contact Lens Fit and Follow-up, and Materials
  •   Fully Funded Exam and Materials
  •   Funded Exam with Discounted Materials
  •   Discount-Only Plan
  •   Materials-Only Plans

The EyeMed Access plans feature:

•  Access to one of the largest networks available, including private practice and

   optical retail providers

•  Up to 40% overall savings

•  Additional savings beyond plan coverage

•  Choice of any product eyewear

•  Customized copays and allowance levels

•  Replacement Contact Lens by Mail program

•  Discount from the largest laser vision panel, U.S. Laser Network