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Benefits for the Provider


EyeMed’s provider-friendly principles are the foundation of what we do.

EyeMed is committed to supporting your ability to profitably prescribe to your patients needs and wants, as well as your ability to choose the fabrication laboratories, lens brands, lens options, frame brands and your right to not participate in plans with non-standard reimbursements. In addition, EyeMed continually communicates with the providers on the panel in order to obtain feedback and to remain competitive in the vision marketplace. EyeMed also provides a variety of benefits, at no risk to the provider, including:



  •   Ability to choose the lab that will provide the best possible quality service to     

                the member.

  •   No product restrictions, providers can choose which products are best for

                their practice.

  •   Providers have the ability to accept or decline non-standard plans.

Easy Administration

  •   ID cards are provided to most members in order to help recognize patients on the 

                EyeMed plan.

  •   EyeMed offers a variety of web features for providers, including online claims

                submission, automated eligibility verification and authorization, automated   

                reimbursement and access to member information.

  •   Providers have access to a dedicated 800 number for any inquiries.
  •   Access to an automated state-of-the-art IVR system allowing providers to  

                quickly navigate through the prompts by speech or touch tone.

Competitive Reimbursements

  •   EyeMed surveys providers and conducts focus groups periodically in order to

                ensure we are providing competitive fees.

Strong Communication & Support

  •   EyeMed communicates with providers through a variety of approaches,

                including the professional provider manual, website and a toll-free provider

                relations line.

  •   EyeMed has a dedicated Professional Support Manager who specifically

                focuses on providing support and communication with providers as needed.

Choice in Fabrication Laboratory and Lens Products
Accessible Administration
Superior Quality

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